Our story…How TU Legacy started

I have been very fortunate to have an education, and that was because my parents worked very hard to give me and my siblings that great gift that has given us the tools in life to succeed. My parents were born in families that were not rich. My Dad is one of 13 kids. He was the youngest one and with the help of his brother, he was the only one that had the opportunity to go to college and became a great orthopedic and trauma doctor. My Mom had to work too, and she helped support her family. She had to drop out of school before going to high school, but she managed to self-educate and now she is a great business woman. My parents are a blessing for us!! They care about us, they are very smart, have a great vision as leaders and vision in their lives and they never give up. They also were helped by family and friends, and they were thankful and knew how to use that help in a very positive way. Both of my parents prepared themselves, worked very hard, and managed to be successful, and besides loving us, they also gave me and my siblings a very important tool…EDUCATION!! That changed the “stars” in our lives.

Besides being go-getters, my parents were helped by others and that’s why I know that TU Legacy can help many kids to succeed so they can do great things in their lives.

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