Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission
TU Legacy mission is to help first generation, low income students go to college.
First Generation means, that these students are the first in their family to go to college which will give them greater opportunities to succeed in their lives and make a difference for future generations in their own family!!

Why should you help someone else get a scholarship?
 * While reading this, you are probably glad and proud to be where you are now, and yes it took a lot of determination, passion and vision but along the way, you got help from someone. None of us can make it alone and that is important to understand.

* If we help students with college scholarships, we’ll be giving them the tools to have more success in their lives.

TU Legacy Goals:
* With your help, TU Legacy will be able to help students go to college, when they cannot afford to pay for the tuition. These are teenagers who will become the first generation in their family that will go to college.

* TU LEGACY brings together people that care and are willing to build a fund that will continue for many generations, helping students by giving them the opportunity to succeed in their journey and dreams.

* Together we will increase the number of college students being helped by finding more resources and people supporting our program.

* The faster TU Legacy grows, the more students will receive college scholarships and more families will be forever changed when they receive the education that will be a legacy for many generations.