How to Donate!

TU Legacy is a registered 501c3 Donor Advised Fund through the Renaissance Foundation. It will provide contributions/grants to registered 501c3 organizations, similar to an endowment which protects the principal while distributing interest/dividends/gains to the organizations. The purpose is to provide an ongoing revenue stream to the organizations for many generations.

Together United is the way we can make this fund grow and create a legacy. Whether large or small, every gift makes a difference!!
There are different ways to help.

CREDIT CARD: It’s fast and secure! Just follow this link:Donate Now! Make a Difference!!Paypal-secured

CHECK: If you prefer, you can send a check and please make it payable to:
“Renaissance Charitable Foundation / TU Legacy”

And mail it to:
Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc.
8910 Purdue Rd. Suite 500 Indianapolis, IN 46268

IMPORTANT: If the check is payable to Renaissance Charitable Foundation, it’s important to include “TU Legacy” on the memo line or in a cover letter, so the donation can be credited to TU Legacy.

PLANNED GIVING: How can you make the most of your charitable giving?  We’ll be happy to talk with you about more especialized ways to donate.
Many people choose to make planned giving part of their legacies, and there are a number of reasons for doing so. For instance, charitable giving not only enables you to share your good fortune with others, but properly planned charitable contributions also can provide financial benefits for you and your family – both now and in the future.

The are several planned-giving alternatives that might allow you to contribute to charity, receive income tax deductions and supplement retirement income, and plan for the smooth transfer of your estate to your heirs. Your financial advisor, attorneys and tax professionals can collectively advise you on which alternatives may best accomplish your charitable goals, and help you determine which assets might be most appropriate to gift.