“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
~Nelson Mandela

A person with determination to succeed can go far in life, but only if that person also has the opportunity for a quality education. Everyone is entitled to a quality education. With it they can do much more and have a greater positive impact on the people around them and the country they live in.

Our Mission:
TU Legacy Mission is to help First generation, Low income Students go to College.
First Generation means, that these students are the first in their family to go to College and that will give them the tools to help them succeed in their lives and make a difference for future generations in their own family!!

Our Goal in this area:
At TU Legacy, we believe that everyone has the right to receive quality education, no matter their individual economic condition. TU Legacy will help organizations that support education targeted to low income students, and help them develop their abilities to succeed in life. Our support will include technical, college and community education.

Why you should be part of TU Legacy??
With your help more students will go to college with the TU LEGACY fund!!

What does TU Legacy mean?

My name is Lorena and maybe you are wondering what’s the meaning of the word “TU”. Well, it means TOGETHER UNITED!!
And it’s very meaningful because TOGETHER we can make anything happen!!! 

I’d also like to tell you why helping and being part of TU Legacy makes sense:

Why should you help someone else get a scholarship?

* While reading this, you are probably glad and proud to be where you are now and yes it took a lot of determination, passion and vision but along the way somehow, you got help from someone. None of us can make it alone and that is important to understand.
~ Now is not about ourselves…it’s about others!
* If we help students with College scholarship, we’ll be helping by giving them the tools to succeed in their lives and that’s a very good thing to do.
* Now is time to help others and we can do it together! That is what it’s all about!!!
  • TU Legacy Goals:
* With your help, TU Legacy will be able to help students that want to go to College, but they cannot afford to pay for the tuition. These are teenagers who will become the first generation in their family that will go to the University, but their families don’t have enough money to send them to College.
* TU LEGACY will bring together people that care and are willing to donate to build a fund that will continue for many generations, helping kids, teenagers, families and give them the tools to succeed in their journey and dreams.
* Together we will grow the number of college students being helped every year by finding more resources and people wanting to support our program.

* The faster TU Legacy grows, the more students will receive College Scholarships and the more families will be forever changed when a family member becomes a college graduate.

What’s the goal of TU Legacy:

* Pay part (or full) of the College tuition for students that cannot afford it.
  • What are the requirements to qualify for a TU Legacy scholarship?
    The students that will be helped have to be:
* First generation in their families going to college.
* The family cannot afford to pay the student’s college tuition.
  • What will each grant cover?
* Part of a college scholarship. A full scholarship can be considered.
* Will continue the support until college graduation as long as the student keeps good grades. What’s the average Scholarship?
* Each Scholarship will be between $1,000.00 to $5,000.00 per year depending one each student’s situation.
  • Has TU Legacy granted any scholarship?
* TU Legacy has been helping a student throughout her time at college to lessen the burden of her college tuition, since she was working three jobs to be able to pay for it.
* She’ll graduate as a Chemical Engineer this year at NMSU (New Mexico State University) and we are so proud of her and very happy that she is the first in her family that will finish a college degree and we are proud to say that she is the first student that we have helped. “TU Legacy won’t stop here. We want to help not one but many more kids to go to College every year”
“TU Legacy won’t stop here. We want to help not one but many more kids to go to College every year”
  • What are the advantages of supporting this program?
    Being part of TU Legacy has many advantages. Some of them are:
1. Your entire donation will go directly to the College Tuition.
2. Your gift, will grow every year and a percentage of the earnings will be used to pay for the student’s scholarship.
3. Your gift will be received by a First Generation, Low Income Student, and that means that you are changing the student’s “stars”…. (Stars??? Please read last bullet to find out).
4. We (TU Legacy) will connect with College counselors or career Department heads, to help find the kids that need help with their College tuition and meet the scholarship criteria.

5. We’ll work with the Universities to try to get special discounted tuitions, so your donation goes further and that will allow TU Legacy to help more students by affording more scholarships.

AND… Last but not least…

Together United we will be changing the future of many kids by helping them get the tools to succeed in life. Those kids will be able to change their “stars” and follow their dreams!!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
~Nelson Mandela

Why did we start this project?

I have been very fortunate to have an education and that was because my parents worked very hard to give me and my siblings that great gift that has given us the tools in life to succeed. My parents were born in families that were not rich. My Dad is one of 13 kids. He was the youngest one and with the help of his brother, he was the only one that had the opportunity to go to College and became a great orthopedic and trauma doctor.

My Mom had to work too, and with her siblings she helped support their family. She had to dropout of school before going to high school, but she managed to self-educate and now she is a great business woman. My parents are a blessing for us!!

They care about us, they are very smart, have a great vision as leaders and vision in their lives and they never give up. They also were helped by family and friends, and they were thankful and knew how to use that help in a very positive way. Both prepared themselves, worked very hard, and managed to be successful and besides loving us, they also gave me and my siblings a very important tool…EDUCATION!! That changed our “stars” in our lives.

Besides being go-getters, my parents were helped by others and that’s why I know that Together United we can also help many kids to succeed so they can do great things in their lives.

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